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From Petfinder


Shadow (OC1323)

Female Black
Domestic short hair

Here is Shadow......she is probably the most
mellow cat I've ever had (and she is my 8 or
9th all black cat. The top picture is her favorite.
What she loves to do is sit in your lap and purr
(She also eats out of my hand because I'm trying
to have her eat more.

I've been feeding some feral cats at San Benito
High School for almost 6 months. There were 3
all black and one black and white. None would
come up to me but Shadow and she did almost
from the first day. As she became accustomed
to my coming every day, she would be sitting on
the table waiting for me.

Apparently she was feeling threatened by the
other cats and was trying to stay safe. As I left
food for them, she was always looking up at any
noise and ready to run.

Then the owner of the barn in the area where the
cats were had. a fence put up for a couple of
days I did not see her . It was them I decided best
to get her out of there.

I've had her checked by Dr. Wilson at the Hollister
Veterinary Hospital. She has had all her shots
updated and is she spayed.

I hope she will be an indoor cat. She is now in my
dog kennel in the barn and does use the cat litter
box. I have a dog house in the kennel and she is
usually inside the dog house when I arrive and call
her name. She comes out and sits in my lap and
purrs. There was no breaking in time period, she
was mellow from the beginning. I was concerned
because was not eating or pooping. That's when I
took her to the vets for a check up. Vet this is normal
when a cat is moved into a new area. I am happy
to say she is now eating.

Call me if you want to know more: 831-628-9594
Or email.

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