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Prince George

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From Petfinder


Roxy (OC1339)

Female Gray and White
Domestic medium hair
7-8 years

Roxy......7-8 years old She is spayed, and has had all her shots updated and 2 months of Frontline just in case...Roxy showed up in my barn almost 3 months ago. I had brought home a feral (Shadow) kitty from San Benito High that same day and there was Roxy.....hidden away and squeaking to be She is very friendly, healthy and very loyal. Since the first day that we met, she has been up in the barn waiting for me to come to visit her. She comes when I call her and squeaks her pleasure to see me. She is presently an outdoor kitty but I'm pretty sure she would adapt very quickly to be indoor/outdoor. I have another outdoor cat that is not friendly to Roxie, and I feel Roxie deserves a chance for a new life, after being abandoned. Contact: June at 831-638-9594 Email:

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