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Prince George

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From Petfinder


Snowball (AC1626)

Male Seal Point
domestic short hair
Born approximately April 23, 2016

Snowball was born April 2016, he is on the shy side, but with coaxing and handling he will come around. In general this breed is very affectionate and quite vocal, as Snowball is a cross he has other traits. Snow ball was recently diagnosed by the vet as having Feline severe gingivitis related to an overreactive immune system, this has caused his gums to be very tender and inflamed. This is rare in such a young cat, and we have no idea what has caused this. He isn't too happy as this is painful for him. Currently Snowball's treatment is a dental based diet with dental treats. He also has special toothpaste applied very gently to the top of his teeth....(his teeth are pearly white) ....twice daily. The vet and the rescue is hoping that this treatment will ease the pain and hopefully the inflammation will calm down. If it doesn't calm down and he shows no sign of improvement, then we might have to extract some or all of his teeth. The vet assures us, he can live a long and happy life with partial or all his teeth extracted. Apart from the inflammation of his gums, Snowball is in good health. Snowball is being fostered in Hollister, CA.

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