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Casper (AD1683)

Male White and black
Tiberatn Terrier
Casper: Special Needs 3 month old Cream Tibetan Terrier.

Casper is 3 months old and weighs 19lbs, will possibly weigh 35lbs when fully grown. He has had all his veterinary care, and is in excellent good health. This sweet little puppy, is a little on the shy side, but we believe it is because he is partially deaf. We are registering him for sign classes for deaf dogs, which will take 2-3 months training. The new adoptive family will need to attend a course in using sign language for deaf dogs, so they learn how to communicate to Casper.

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Marley (AD1675)

Marley came to us via a young couple who were walking their dog in San Diego and this bedraggled heavily matted flea/tick ridden little dog followed them. That was New Years Eve, 2016.

Marley has been in foster care since. He is housebroken, plays well with other small dogs once he gets to know them, but he is very choosy about who he plays with. Marley really LOVES his toys, is crate trained, not destructive in the home. In the foster home he sleeps in his crate by the bedside and he is a very happy boy.

Marley does not like being approached from the back, he must be always see you approaching him, and pick him up gently, although he has greatly improved, he just needs to trust. We have no idea of what Marley has been through. The best home for Marley would be where someone is home, or works part-time. BEST OLDER CHILDREN, no young children. He does know his come, stay, has shown great improvement on the leash. He does need a family who is willing to sign him up for further training in obedience classes, this will be a requirement for his adoption.

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Oreo (AD1688)

Male Black and white
Russell Terrier
OREO is a 5 yr old Parson Terrier Cross, he came to us from SJACShelter, he was a stray that was brought in with a chest wound. The object was removed and he is recovering from his ordeal. Oreo weighs, 15.2lbs, this is his weight fully grown. Oreo is a little shy, but on the whole a sweet dog, who deserves a loving home where a family really cares for him.
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Ozzie (AD1687)

Male Black
Parson Terrier Cross
Ozzie came to us from SJACShelter, where he was originally adopted out to a family but returned within a couple of days, as he was afraid of the 2yr old child. So for Ozzie NO FAMILIES with YOUNG CHILDREN please. He will be a great dog for a family with older children, given he is still young 1 yr old.

He should be called Smiley from this photo. He is black with white paws and chest.....super friendly and a happy little dog, who weighs 18.9lbs, he might gain a few more pounds, but as he is one year old, we doubt he will weigh anymore than 23-25lbs. Ozzie is very friendly and sweet.

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