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Here are the dogs
that are available for adoption.
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Dash (AD1680)

Male Red/ brown/ chestnut


Dash came to us from San Martin shelter
2/10/17. He is so handsome and a great
little Dog. He is 3yrs old, we are just
getting to know him. He is very alert, and a
good boy. Dash loves to play with other
small dogs, and he really enjoys the
DASH is being fostered in GILROY.

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Lilac (AD1658)

Female tri-colored
German Shepherd



Lilac is a 3 1/2 yr old German Shepherd,
she is a true people dog, loves children,
housebroken, crate trained, will happily
jump in a car to go for a ride, all in all she
is a very happy and healthy dog.

Lilac's life has not been easy....she was
rescued from Devore shelter a year ago
by a rescue in Sparks, Nevada. Five
months ago Lilac was adopted out to a
trucker....life should have been good on
the road for Lilac....but it wasn't...she was
found alone in the mountain roads above
Riverside (LA area), mid October . We
are indebted to the very kind lady who
saw and stopped to help Lilac. She had
no sooner opened the door
Lilac did not hesitate to jump right in and
settle down for the ride.

Lilac has one issue, she is dog reactive, she
has never attacked or bitten an other
dog, and it is more based on fear. We do
not know why she is this way.

Lilac has been under the guidance of a new
trainer since early October, she has
shown progress, and currently the good
news is, she is doing well and the trainer
has high hopes for her. She listens, and
obeys, knows her sit, and has no
problem going into a crate at night time,
or during the day for a nap. She is still
dog reactive to new dogs the guidance
and training still continues.

The BEST home for Lilac would to a
family/couple where Lilac is the ONLY
DOG (NO CATS PLEASE)...she will
make a wonderful addition to a family
who is familiar with her breed. She truly
has lots of love to give to her human
She needs the strong leadership of a
good pack leader.
We would like to find a family/couple/person
who is willing to take Lilac to classes and
Continue making her feel comfortable
around other dogs. Given her breed she
will require daily walks, so an active
family/couple/person is the best placement.
Lilac deserves a great loving home, she has
so much to give in return. That's why we
rescued her. Lilac is being fostered in the GILROY AREA

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Marley (AD1675)

Marley came to us via a young couple who were walking their dog in San Diego and this bedraggled heavily matted flea/tick ridden little dog followed them, when they stopped he gave them kisses. God Bless them, they took him to an ER vet who had to shave him down under anesthesia. Marley was anemic and underweight. He now has a clean bill of health,❤️🐶❤️ he just needs to gain a little more weight to bring him up to 8lbs.

Marley is being fed a RAW DIET, we would like for him to stay on this as HE LOVES it. Marley is housebroken, plays well with other small dogs, LOVES his toys and is crate trained, not destructive in the home. In the foster home he sleeps in his crate by their bedside and he is a very happy boy.

Marley does not like being approached from the back, he must be always see you approaching him, and pick him up gently. He has improved in the last month, he just needed to trust. We have no idea of what Marley has been through. The best home for Marley would be where someone is home, or works part-time. BEST OLDER CHILDREN, no young children. Marley will greatly benefit from obedience classes, this will be a requirement for his adoption.

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Pecas (AD1679)

Male White and black
7 years
Pecas came to us from SJACShelter. He was
on owner surrender who was moving and
couldn't take him. Pecas is a little
overwhelmed right now with all the sudden
changes. All his life he has lived with a
Spanish speaking only family, where he
was left outside all the time. Now he is
having to learn commands in English, and
adjust to living inside a home, having been
uprooted from the only life and people he
knew, left at a shelter, now he is in a great
foster home in Merced.

Pecas is such a well mannered, calm dog,
weighing 45lbs, a little smaller than most
Dalmatians and is 7 yrs old. Look at him
he is strikingly handsome with a great
posture. He needs a little vet attention to
heal from flea allergy, other than that he is
a healthy boy.

The family who chooses to adopt Pecas will
need some patience, he does know basic
commands. Please contact

Pecas is being fostered in MERCED.

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Tonka (AD1617)

Male Black wth tri color
Chihuahua / Dachshund cross
about 4 years


TONKA is 3-4 years old tri-colored Dachie/Chihuahua cross. He came to us from Hollister Animal Shelter, where he was left in the night box in May.

Tonka is such a happy go lucky little dog, always has a smile on his face. He gets along very well with other dogs of his size. Loves to ride in a car. Is crate trained, does well on a leash. He will do well in a home with a family, and even another small dog.

We would love for Tonka to find a forever home for the holidays, he has been a guest of The Dog House Inn since May, too long for him be without the comforts of a home.

The staff at DHInn all say he is so sweet and easy to handle. If you are looking for a small dog (under 12lbs) to add to your home, give us a call so we can introduce you to adorable handsome Tonka.

(Guest of Gilroy's
Dog House Inn)

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